Skip songs, scroll socials, play games, text, call, and don’t pause show binges, all thanks to Drypal©

  • So you want to hop in the shower, but also HAVE to watch the next episode on your show...

    or you want to put on this one song you love while showering, but can't risk your phone getting all wet...

    or maybe you gotta get ready for your date, but there's an online meeting you need to join...

    Drypal's got you covered!

    With a Drypal,

    all are possible and far beyond.

  • Stick as you like!

    The Drypal sticks to the wall in your desired position: horizontally or vertically' satisfying any type of shower content craving.

  • Plug and play!

    The Drypal awaits you on the wall when you enter the shower. Simply insert your phone, close the hatch, and let the magic happen.

  • GO Worry-Free!

    The Drypal allows you to shower peacefully knowing your device is safe from slipping or steam damage.

  • Testimonial Image

    “Been using mine for over a month! Super happy with it. Wasn't sure it would actually work XD and was worried for my phone, but the case held well and kept all water and moisture out”

    S** M******
  • Testimonial Image

    “So far so good! The mount sticks very well to the wall. Holds up my heavy phone with no effort”

    F****** S*****
  • Testimonial Image

    “Was surprised to discover that the Drypal works so well! At first I was skeptic and concerned for my phone (I have an iPhone 14 Pro) but the Drypal kept my phone completely dry :)”

    A******* B****
  • Testimonial Image

    “Shipping was fast. I really enjoy the product. I Want to get another one for my second shower :D”

    J***** G****
  • Testimonial Image

    “Worried about putting my phone in a moist place, I decided to give the Drypal a chance. I can confidently say I wasn't disappointed. It works amazingly and I feel like everyone who likes watching stuff in the shower should have one”

    D**** T***
  • Testimonial Image

    “One of the best purchases I've made in a long while! The case is super easy to open and close and its mount is incredibly strong and durable. Had it for 3 weeks now and no issues whatsoever. Showering's been a blast!”

    V***** Y*******