What is the recommended phone size for the Drypal?
The Drypal can fit any phone that measures up to: 6.5” (inches) tall, 3.075” (inches) wide, and 0.35” (inches) thick. *Please note that the functionality of the physical home button cannot be guaranteed when using the Drypal with phones that have one.
Can I use my drypal in other ways other than in a shower?
Of course! Drypal can be applied anywhere from above your work desk to help with studying, to the wall above the stovetop to assist with cooking! Your imagination is the limit! *We condemn unsafe use of the Drypal such as inside a vehicle. Please stay safe.
Which surfaces can the Drypal stick to?
So far all of the smooth surfaces we’ve tried sticking Drypal to worked excellently: glass, drywall, marble, wood.. you name it!
Is the Drypal waterproof?
The Drypal case cannot guarantee total waterproofing due to the product's nature of having to be easily opened and closed. The only way we recommend using the Drypal, is closed, on its mount, and on the wall. Refrain from exposing the back of the Drypal to direct water stream, and do not submerge the Drypal in water.
Can I reposition the Drypal mount after sticking it to the wall?
Unfortunately, once you stick the mount to the wall, the magic glue will immediately start working, so repositioning the mount won't be possible.
What are the payment options you offer?
We accept PayPal, Visa, and Mastercard.
Can I modify or cancel my order?
No. we make every attempt to process orders as quickly as possible. Therefore, once an order enters our system, it cannot be cancelled or modified in any way. You can learn more about refunds by visiting our Return Policy.
Will I get a discount for purchasing more than 1 drypal?
No. We do not offer any special deals at the moment.